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Wadster Bet Bots

The place you’ll look forward to paying your tipster

What are the Wadster Bet Bots?

How pay only for profit credit system works

Pay Only For Profit

The Wadster Bet Bots is a revolutionary tipping platform, where members only pay for the betting profit that they make. The telegram-based bot platform allows for tipsters to send their betting selections to members who have their own bot account.

These members have points/credits in their telegram bot accounts and once the tips are settled, these points are either added or taken away based on the stake, odds being tipped and the outcome of the bet. Once the member no longer has points/credits in their account, they must pay for new credits to continue following the tips.

Click here for simple instructions on how to start out with a tipster by setting up your bot account.

And click here for a complete breakdown of all of the amazing features we have within each bot.

Why do members rave about our Bet Bots?

Subscriptions come from your winnings! You’re always reinvesting your own profits as a % of your subscription. The system is always affordable and easy to manage 

Quality Tipsters. You can have faith that tipsters back themselves to make profit. Our tipsters only make income when you do. They’re full incentivised knowing that you pay only for profit!

Your results reflect the recorded bot results. Odds availability is a priority in allowing members to accurately reflect profit achieved. We protect members with waiting lists to prevent odds crashing

Continuous Bot Improvements. User feedback is our favourite tool for designing features that our members want.

Four Betfair Exchange & Pinnacle Tipster Options. Limits… what limits?  

Personalised Customer Service. Just read some of our testimonials on Trustpilot below.   


Top Service

Great bunch of tipsters that know their leagues/sports very well. Also a very fair principle of pay as you go, which means you only need to buy points when you are making a nice profit, which you certainly will when you join the bot services.

Christophe De Troyer

As rare as honest service

As rare as a honest service. Long record of picks, very analytical and open to improve both service and betting skills all the time.
I can recommend it to the serious punter.
I have been a customer right from the start, made a lot of money, and will keep being a customer

Jakob Olsen

The Pay as you win service style is…

The Pay as you win service style is something I’ve only seen with Wadster Bots, it speaks about the importance that users profitability has for Wadster bet bots professionals.

Young Dali

Superb service with second to none…

Superb service with second to none customer service. The bot is the future of betting!

Simon Thomas

Pay only for winners

Pay only for winners
Correct odds
Only need to buy points when you are making profit
If any issues they are solved very quickly

Sebi B

Great Service

It is great service. I am yet to make the profits but I am confident that it will come soon. The owner of bot personally messaged me to check if I was getting the advised prices since for few bets I didn’t get the price but he added me credits which is cool. Definitely will recommend to friends and family!


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Ready to Sign Up to a Wadster Bet Bot(s)?

Get your first FREE tip at any (or every) bot to trial then 'Pay Only For Profit'

Bot Link
  • Premier League Football Tips
  • First Tip Free then £7.50 per credit once profit has been made.
  • Bot profit to date (pts) = 34pts
  • Bot ROI to date = 11%
  • Tipster Webpage
Bot Link
Wadster Winners
  • ATP Tennis Tips
  • First Tip Free then £5 per credit once profit has been made.
  • Bot profit to date (pts) = 163pts
  • Bot ROI to date = 7.2%
  • Tipster Webpage
Bot Link
Bonz Bets
  • Live Lower League Football Tips
  • First Tip Free then £5 per credit once profit has been made.
  • Bot profit to date (pts) = 162pts
  • Bot ROI to date = 8.4%
  • Tipster Webpage
Bot Link
Outside Rides
  • Morning Horse Racing Or BSP Tips
  • First Tip Free then £5 per credit once profit has been made.
  • Bot profit to date (bookies pts) = 19pts
  • Bot ROI to date = 6.0%
  • Tipster Webpage
Bot Link
Portugal Bets
  • Portguese Football Tips Across All Divisions
  • First Tip Free then £7.50 per credit once profit has been made.
  • Bot profit to date across all groups (pts) = 27pts
  • Bot ROI to date across all = 8.0%
  • Tipster Webpage

Want to see a comparison table for all tipsters?

Who likes the idea of FREE credits?

There are three ways of accessing additional FREE credits for bot accounts which are outlined here!

Referral Scheme

Get a Free Credit for every 10 a referred friend or family member purchases for their first 12 months on the bot!

And they get 5 Free Credits for starting out - a win win!

No limit to number of Free Credits that can be generated. Go wild with your referrals to potentially follow services for free!

Full details of how our referral scheme works here!

Give A Review

Get 5 Free Credits for providing an honest Trustpilot review of our bot services

They can be added to any bot account of choice

Provide a Trustpilot review here

Multiple Bot Discount

Get a 5% discount on your credits for each additional bot that you follow

Receive up to 20% off the cost of your credits when following 5 or more bot services

Want to find out more about Wadster himself?

If you want to learn about who Wadster is and more about the inspiration of where the bet bots and the pay only for profit idea orginates from - head to 'Our Bot Journey' section which covers this, alongside the evolution and the expected progression of our platform in the future

If you want real time updates of the bot project, and a ton of FREE content - check out the Wadster Betting Diary where you can find all the recent content posted on our Youtube channel