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Bot Features

Referral Scheme

Referring Someone

  1. To refer someone, you first need to find out your referral code by going to /referrals.
  2. Once you’ve got your code, you share the code with the friend/family member starting on the bot.
  3. The friend/family member will type in the code you gave them into the bot, linking your accounts. At this point, they receive 5 free credits.
  4. From ths point onwards, every time the friend/family member purchases credits – 10% of the purchase number will be added to your own bot account.
  5. This will work in decimals too, so if the member purchases 1pt, you’ll automatically receive 0.1pts. If they purchase 10pts, you’d automatically be credited with 1pt in your account.
  6. This will be implemented for the first 12 months that the referred member makes purchases for. After that period the free credits being received in your own account will end.
  7. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make on the bot. This allow you to essentially get tips for free if you refer 10 active members to the bot!
  8. Example – if 10 members all bought 10pts during a day where the tipster wins 10pts, you’d automatically have your account topped up by 1pt for each member, adding 10pts to your own account. Your credits would equal the same as it had done at the start of the day.

Referral Scheme

Being Referred

  1. Being referred is the reverse of the above with the first step having to get the referral code from your friend/family member. Then select /referrals
  2. For the first week after joining the bot (/start) you will have the ‘Someone Referred Me Option’ which you’ll use to type in your friend/family members code.
  3. As you can see in the left image, after typing in the code 5 points will then be credited to your account.
  4. You can start referring members yourself straight away from this point if enjoying the Pay for Profit system.
  5. In the right hand image, someone you referred must have purchased 20pts as you’ve now received 2 points in your own account for referring them.

Hopefully you now all understand the simplicity of the referral scheme and how it can allow you to top up your credits regularly, if using it multiple times!

Live Bets

How it works?

  1. For tipsters that are predominantly pre-match tipsters who have live betting as an option – select the /livebets option from the manu to toggle live bets on/off for the tipster
  2. Then the tipster usually sends an alert stating a ‘live bet coming’.
  3. A minute or so later, you’ll receive the live bet in a box and have the option to open (receive) the bet.
  4. Once you’ve opened the tip, your points will now be affected for the bet.
  5. If you miss the odds on the live bet because a goal was scored or the price has changed, message the tipster who can then void your bet.


How it works?

  1. From the menu select /stats
  2. This will give you your results data for the day, the last week, the last month and all time in terms of credits won or lost.
  3. More in depth stats are in the pipeline. For relevant tipsters, stats across different markets will be available in future.