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Terms and Conditions

Wadster Bet Bots reserves the right to update these terms and conditions going forward, you will be notified if they are updated in the future.

Credits purchased are non-refundable and are made with no explicit guarantee of generating income. The purchase of any tipsters’ selections should be seen as an investment, with a high likelihood of generating profit based on past performance, but with the requirement of accepting full liability for the purchase should they not.

Tipsters equally can stop tipping for no liability on the platform if they have lost their edge or have other personal reasons for doing so. If a purchase of points has been made within two months prior to the tipster leaving the platform, this is the one situation where refunds for the points purchased will be permitted. We recommend keeping your overall points balance low and not buying an excess number of credits at one time to reduce risk.

The transfer of points to another tipster is not permitted if not satisfied with the performance of the bot tipster you’re using. We advise being cautious and only signing up to services you feel are a good fit to your betting needs. Prior to starting we or any of the tipsters are happy to help answer any questions you may have to ensure as high a likelihood as possible that this is the case.

If you do not accept the terms & conditions, you forfeit your right to use the telegram bot service.