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Wadster Bet Bots – FAQ
  1. What is a bot? A bot is an automated software application that performs repetitive tasks over a network. For a bet bot, this means tasks like sending bet information, tip settlement, buying points and all other interactions take place within the bot itself.
  2. What is ‘telegram’? Telegram is a widely available instant messaging service application and needs to be downloaded before using any of our bot services (on your app store). Telegram bots have added functionality in terms of the information that can be shared.
  3. I made a mistake and signed up to a bot that doesn’t suit me, can I get a refund? We don’t offer refunds for purchases, so we highly recommend that you do your research into the tipster you’re considering following and ask any questions of the tipster if required to suit your needs as we’re more than happy to help 
  4. I’ve got a lot of credits after a losing run with a tipster, can I transfer credits to other tipsters? No, it’s not possible to transfer credits due to our revenue share system. Losing tips are part of the risk of investment and although there is a high probability that the tipster will make profit, full liability must be taken if they do not. 
  5. I’m going on holiday or need to take a break from the bot for any reason, how can I do this? Simply type /stop and your bot account will be paused until wanting to restart again. At that point select /start and you’ll receive tips from the credits you left off with if done within 3 months. 
  6. What if I want to stop following a service entirely and remove notifications? Same as above, type /stop and then you can remove the bot from your telegram account using the ‘delete and block bot’ option.  
  7. I’m interested in following bot tips but my tipster often sends bets from a timezone that I’m sleeping/away for, is there any way around this. Yes, you can set ‘active times‘ for the bot where you only receive bets for times you’re online.
  8. I’m aware of the risks of purchasing more credits in that they won’t be refundable, but I’d still rather do so to reduce number of payments. What’s the max credit number I can purchase? You can purchase up to 15 credits in one individual purchase.  
  9. What happens if I miss the price on a live bet due to a goal or significant factor in the sporting event? In goodwill, we’ll void bets for customers who may have missed out on a live bet price due to timing differences between sending and receiving. To have your bet voided use the /contact option on the bot and message the tipster in question who can cancel the bet for your bot. 
  10. What is the minimum stake you recommend for following any bot service? Theoretically, if the tipster makes long term profit, you can safely bet any amount of money over the tipsters’ unit price per credit and make profit from the service. To make it worth your time, I’d recommend that your 1pt value is at least 50% higher than the price per credit. I.e. if 1pt costs £5, your 1pt stake should be at least £7.50 
  11. I’m on a service waiting list, when will I be able to receive bets? Once spaces free up due to users dropping off, or odds becoming more stable for a time, you’ll receive an invitation to join the bot and will have 24 hours to accept this invite towards receiving tips 
  12. I’m a tipster and interested in joining your bot platform, is this possible? We are open and encourage tipsters to get in touch about joining the platform if you feel your results are strong enough and that your values fit with the system we’ve created. Make contact with Wadster using various methods posted to discuss further details.  
  13. Does your platform offer any ‘free tips’ channel that can help me build my bankroll? Yes, we have now created a free tips channel where a few bets per week will be posted to follow. These won’t be bot bets, but qualify as personal bets tipsters place themselves. These might not be suited to bot purposes but still +EV.