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About JP (Jean-Phillipe)

Jean Phillipe started betting six years ago, with the idea of it being an easy way of making money as an investment. But he quickly learned there are not many winners and that the process of becoming one would take time. JP has always had a keen interest on many sports and understanding them well, but after early disillusions with his own betting, started creating betting models to make his own process and criteria more objective.

He started using defined criterias to select and rule out bets and has applied this process to his draws on the bot, but also to create successful strategies with sports such as basketball, horse racing and tennis in the previous few years. He credits joining Wadsters tennis service and discussing strategy often as a reason for how his process has developed, using his own knowledge combined with criterias and statistics in much of the same way in his own betting.

The key is in always improving the criterias and in knowing what does work and doesn’t and JPs bottom line results have been improving year on year as he refines the way he works. Now he tends to be intuitively profitable on almost every sport he’s betting on. Learning from errors is one of JPs most important considerations with his betting and his mindset towards continuous improvement has led me to having every confidence in allowing him a Bet Bot Service on merit alone.

Already JP has made close to 20pts profit at a ROI of 15% and I’m excited to see his progress continue over the seasons ahead, alongside the potential for him to introduce betting strategies relating to other sports when he’s fully confident within them in future.

Unique reasons to join JP Draws?

  1. Pinnacle & Betfair Exchange friendly betting service with all bets available at good limits.
  2. Nice volume of bets. Fairly consistent for betting most days but never an extreme number on a given day. Very easy to place all bets (60 average per month).
  3. High ROI of around 10% through nearly 1000 picks now for draws alone.
  4. Diverse skillset with profitable strategies across 4 sports in the last year. Showcases his ability to know and understand sport on a general level exceptionally well.
  5. Strong trust built as Wadster has communicated with JP for many years and knows him very well. Knows his mindset & type of betting process and has a lot of confidence in his credentials from this.

Service Fundamentals

Bookmakers we recommendPinnacle, Betfair Exchange but available at all bookies.

Odds Recording – Pinnacle

When are bets sent – Usually 24 hours before matches start.

Bets received by everyone (default group) – Draws from top global leagues

Groups (additional bets outside default) – None for moment

Further Enquiries

You can get in touch with Jean-Phillipe about all bot related enquiries on telegram here

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