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Wrong Odds Racing (WOR)
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About Kieran (Runs WOR)

An overview of Kierans process towards finding value

Unique reasons to join Wrong Odds Racing?

  1. Great value about in horse racing betting generally with more opportunities for highly +EV bets. Kieran has achieved an ROI of above 30% for his WOR system and 86pts since I began trialling.
  2. Deep insights into Kierans whole betting process with lots of content on his website about how he finds value. Is greatly educational to read about for anyone aspiring to improve their own betting.
  3. Simple service to follow – all bets sent at around 9am (GMT) and always at BSP. No need for price shopping or worrying about restrictions. Great for limited bettors.
  4. Opportunities for very high profit months when variance is good. 53pts of profit was made in September for an ROI of 234%!
  5. Great customer service – Kierans very open to feedback and taking questions from members. Will go into a lot of detail in ensuring his service is as friendly to members as possible which makes it an easy service to root for.

Service Fundamentals

Bookmakers we recommend – Betfair Exchange but can follow at European Bookmakers by taking breakfast prices.

Odds RecordingBSP.

When are bets sent close to 9am most days

Bets received by default – all selections

Groups (additional bets outside default) – no additional groups

Further Enquiries

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