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About Leo Leo

Leo has been somewhat of a revelation since starting with the Bet Bots, already amassing 30pts profit across 3 profitable months for an ROI of 13%. This has been a continuation of his strong form on Blogabet where he’d profited in 12/12 months prior to starting here. Already he’s built up a solid following on the platform, with an incredible 16 bet winning streak and recent refinements in betting only on his stronger leagues suggests that the results are here to stay moving forward!

Having followed basket 15 years Leo has developed a strong understanding of what’s important for predicting value outcomes in matches. This is further accentuated with the number of contacts he now has within basket; including friends in the sport, journalists and scouts with information. With such an array of knowledge, its made it possible to create a big edge over the market which is seen by his quite incredible ROI of over 20% in the ABA & Euroleagues presently.

With around 95% of bets being placed in the 1.5 – 2.0 odds range and a strike rate of 58% for winning bets, consistent winners are something that can be expected within the service which makes it a great option for balancing any portfolio. Objectively speaking, Leos stats are amongst the best in the Bet Bots portfolio and if that continues I’m sure his service will be one that provides great satisfaction to members.

Unique reasons to join Leo Leo?

  1. One of most consistent Bet Bots tipsters for highest % of profitable months. Since starting publicly tipping, Leo has made profit in 15/15 months to date.
  2. Nice volume of bets. Fairly consistent for betting most days but never an extreme number on a given day. Very easy to place all bets (60 average per month).
  3. Highly Experienced Bettor having been a bettor for 10 years profitably.
  4. A great thing about Leo is his best bets come from the tournaments with the highest limits! His ROI for Euroleague and ABA (both have over 100 selections so far) have been above 20%.
  5. Methodical system where certain strengths and angles are targeted. Leo specialises with very strong knowledge about distinct teams (I.e. Partizan) and often bets effectively on these consistently.

Service Fundamentals

Bookmakers we recommendPinnacle but available at all bookies.

Odds Recording – Pinnacle

When are bets sent – Day of matches usually between 1 to 12 hours before start time.

Bets received by everyone (default group) – Basketball Tips from Euroleague, ABA League, Champions League and Top European Leagues

Groups (additional bets outside default) – None for moment

Further Enquiries

You can get in touch with Leo about all bot related enquiries on telegram here

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