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Wadster Betting Diary

What’s included in betting diary entries?

  • Thoughts regarding my own tennis betting – reviewing what’s been going right or wrong, tournament or match previews, or certain betting strategies implemented this week
  • Performance review of bot tipsters on the platform and thoughts on how topics such as ‘which members would be most suited to following the tipsters
  • General thoughts on bot features and improvements that have been thought of in the recent past
  • My perspectives on betting topics on a wider scale, such as the impact of variance or whether to figure out if your EV betting has been with negative expectation

* to view more Wadster Betting Diary videos in this playlist, you can scroll through on this webpage by the option on the top right section icon in the video

What’s included in the Wadster Deep Dives?

  • An explanatory series regarding my own tennis betting data as a bot tipster and where my strengths and weaknesses lies

Topics broken down by episode and question to answer

  1. Episode 1 – results broken down by amount staked per day. Was I performing better when betting on lower volume tipping days or higher volume?
  2. Episode 2 -results broken down by tournament stages and primarily the number of times I watched the player. Was I making more profit after watching more tennis or less?
  3. Episode 3 – results broken down by betting markets. Which tennis betting markets did I have the highest edge in and were their markets I’d be making a loss over?
  4. Episode 4 – a micro analysis by digging deeper by combining the variables above. What are the biggest insights to take from this analysis when broken down further?

What’s included in the future bot plans playlist?

  • Current plans for future bot features ahead and likely timelines for these features
  • Thoughts about future bot tipsters that could be on the platform as future alongside links to ‘bot trialists
  • General updates towards all things that are happening with the bot project moving forward


*A lot of my videos are quite long and wordy/waffly at present. In future, aim is to be more concise and sticking to one topic at a time. Will be shorter but punchier videos in theory!