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Flop Shot Golf
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About Ben (Runs Flop Shot Golf)

Snippet of Bens Golf Model

Unique reasons to join Flop Shot Golf?

  1. Great value about in golf betting generally with more opportunities for highly +EV bets. Ben has achieved an ROI of above 30% as a tipster to date.
  2. Low maitenance. Can make all your bets for the week in one go (either on Tuesday for bookies, or Wednesday for Betfair) and that’s you done.
  3. Decent strike rate even given the odds ranges. Ben has averaged over 1 a week for either placing or winning in the golf betting. Even if the winner isn’t found this helps control variance on losing periods.
  4. Opportunities for very high profit months when variance is good. 52pts of profit was made in September for an ROI of 233%!
  5. Great customer service – Bens very open to feedback and taking questions from members. Will go into a lot of detail in ensuring his service is as friendly to members as possible which makes it an easy service to root for.

Service Fundamentals

Bookmakers we recommend – Bet365, Sky Bet, Boyle Sports, William Hill, Unibet, Betfair/PP.

Odds Recording – fair price across European bookmakers.

When are bets sent – bookies group will usually be on Tuesday, Betfair Exchange group on Wednesday

Bets received by default – Win & EW golf bets from PGA & DWPT Tours

Groups (additional bets outside default) – Betfair group (to join type ‘/joingroup’ on the bot and then type ‘betfair’). This will give you the same bets but will be split between win, top 5 and top 10 markets for each of the players selected.

Further Enquiries

You can get in touch with Ben about all bot related enquiries on telegram here

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