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Wadster Winners

About Me

I’m Aidan Wardle, a tennis betting tipster running my service ‘Wadster Winners’ alongside being responsible for the development of the Wadster Bet Bots concept.

With my own tennis betting, my approach has always been largely based on an intuitive understanding of tennis and the factors that are important in winning a match. I know how to then apply relevant data to solidify my opinions on betting ideas and to create value bets to make profits.

Further information about how I bet and what kind of considerations I make with betting can be found in my interview below with Alex Vella at Trademate Sports where we cover many relevant topics relating to how I bet and my experience of being a bettor & tipster.

Wadster Winners | Bot Link

Currently there is no waiting list for Wadster Winners. Join at the link above and type /help and then /start

Current Results

ROI is currently at around 8.4% through over 2000 tips with all tips recorded at the 2nd best prices at bookmakers, making the recorded results accessible and possible to improve upon with access to a range of bookmakers. Over 40pts of profit have been recorded for each of the previous 3 years, with over 180pts of profit since the implemenation of the bot system.

Service Fundamentals

Bookmakers used for recording prices – Pinnacle, Bet365, Betfair Exchange,Unibet, William Hill, Betvictor, Sky Bet. The vast majority will come from the first four options mentioned.

When are bets sent – between 8am to 9pm (GMT) based on the part of the tennis season being played. As a rule of thumb, European tennis tournaments will be tipped between 8am-11am. American tournament will be tipped between 11am-3pm. Asian & Australian tournaments between 3pm-9pm. You would be able to turn off the bot during the times where following does not suit your schedule. On any given week an update will be provided about what to expect on tip timing.

Tipping Volume– loosely based around a 100pt average monthly turnover (around 50 tips). Some parts of the season are far busier than others such as mid-May to July with many big tournaments, including two Grand Slams. Referring to historical staking data is the best way to find rough estimations of likely betting volume at different times.

Odds Recording – aim is to send a price that is fair and accessible for the majority of subscribers. With my 4 years experience of running my service I tend to know which prices hold up better and send odds based on this knowledge. All bets will be sent at 2nd best price at the minimum (unless specific to bet365exclusive group).

Recommended Betting Bank- somewhere between 100-150pts. The biggest drawdown from the previous 4 years is around 70pts.


We have separate groups at Wadster Winners, all specifically catered towards different user requirements. There are 3 groups that are outlined below.

1) High Limits Only (default group that everyone is a part of) – for those in this group only, the tips received will only be ones that are available to bet at Asian markets (pinnacle prices primarily). These markets will include the match winner, set 1 winner, games handicaps, overs or under games & multiple bets (mainly doubles). For a bet to be sent there must be a minimum limit of 450 euros on the market at pinnacle.

2) AllMarkets – by default you receive all the tips above, but you also have access to the regular bets I send at soft books. These markets are the total sets & set score betting. You should only join this group if you have access to a range of soft books to ensure you can achieve the prices or at least close to the prices being sent through the bot.

3) Bet365Exclusive – specific bets that require a bet365 account. These can include outright prices that are only available at bet365, other bets in special markets which could include over or under games in a first set or a player to win from behind. This group is for those with a bet365 account only. On the results spreadsheet the bet365 bets will be recorded on a separate sheet. As mentioned, all will receive tips for high limits, but you can join either one or both remaining groups dependent on your own situation.

Instructions for joining groups

1) To start type /help – this will bring up all the commands and you will see the group options at the bottom.

2) Next click the /listgroups option to see the group options available to you (allmarkets & bet365exclusive).

3) Then you need to select the /joingroup option and simply type in the name of the group you wish to be a part of (I.e. ‘allmarkets’). If ever wanting to leave this group you do the reverse by selecting the /leavegroup option and typing out (‘allmarkets’).

Further Enquiries

You can get in touch with Aidan about all bot related enquiries at either email – or on telegram @Wadster