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Bet Bot Tipsters – Setting Up Your Portfolio


    You’ve now had an overview on the benefits to following the Wadster Bet Bots Pay For Profit subscription model and been asked to consider what your betting priorities are. Now it’s time to put this together and develop a Betting Portfolio that’s tailored to your own needs. By the end of this article you’ll have an actionable six-step breakdown of exactly how to go about this.

    Betting Bankroll

    To ensure sustainable and emotionally controlled betting, it’s crucial to consider your betting bank and allocate funds responsibly.

    Your top priority should be determining the size of your betting bank based on your financial situation. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover potential losses without experiencing financial hardship.

    Underestimating the potential for drawdowns based on past performance is a common mistake. Over time, caution is key to surviving losing periods. Consider maintaining separate bankrolls for each tipster, ensuring you have adequate funds for each allocated betting amount.

    While there’s no set guideline for bankroll size per tipster, the number of points allocated should be determined by factors discussed below.

    What determines by betting bank per tipster?

    The optimal betting bank for a tipster is determined by several factors:

    • Average Stake: The average bet size used by the tipster.
    • Average Odds: The average odds of the bets placed by the tipster.
    • Return on Investment (ROI): The percentage of profit generated by the tipster over a given period.
    • Sample Size: The number of bets made by the tipster.
    • Largest Drawdown: The maximum loss incurred by the tipster at any point in their history.

    As a general rule, a betting bank of 50 times the average stake is considered ‘safe’ for a tipster with an average stake of 1pt, average odds of 2.0, ROI of 5-10%, and sample size of 1000 bets.

    Case Study 1: Bonz Bets

    Bonz Bets, a tipster who stakes an average of 2pts per match with an ROI of 8.5%, has a historical max drawdown of 25pts. Given their larger average stake, a bankroll of 100pts could be recommended.

    However, due to Bonz Bets’ low max drawdown, another strategy could be to double the max drawdown to determine the betting bank. In this case, a betting bank of 50pts would be suitable based on Bonz Bets’ sample size of 1500 bets and max drawdown of 25pts.

    Case Study 2: Optimizing Betting Bank for Wadster Service: A Detailed Approach

    My service at Wadster, while historically generating an ROI of 3%, requires a revised betting bank calculation. Here’s a breakdown of the adjustments and rationale:

    1. Adjusting for Higher Stakes and Odds

    – We begin with a standard 50pt betting bank as a starting point.
    Stake Adjustment: My average stake is 1.5pts, exceeding the standard 1pt. This warrants a 1.5x multiplier to account for the increased risk exposure per bet.
    Odds Adjustment: My average odds are 3.0, significantly higher than the standard 2.0. This implies larger potential gains but also greater losses, demanding another 1.5x multiplier to reflect the increased volatility.

    2. Accounting for Lower ROI:

    – The historical 3% ROI is lower than the baseline expectation, suggesting a greater need for a robust bankroll to withstand potential down swings. Therefore, a 1.5x multiplier is added to compensate for this lower profitability.

    3. Incorporating Large Sample Size

    – Over 7 years, my service has generated a substantial amount of historical data, exceeding 2000 bets. This large sample size strengthens the validity of the results and allows for more reliable projections. To account for this robust data foundation, a 0.75x multiplier is applied, reducing the calculated bankroll by 25%.

    4. Cross-Referencing with Max Drawdown

    – The maximum drawdown (the largest cumulative loss) experienced by my service in 2024 was approximately 75pts. Doubling this figure aligns with the recommended bankroll amount of 150pts, providing further validation for the calculated value.

    Bet Bots Case 3 – Outside Rides Bookies Odds (From 50pt template)

    Outside RidesFactor Changes
    Average Stake 1pt1x (No Change)
    Average Odds4.02x (25% SR compared to 50% )
    ROI7.5%1x (No Change)
    Sample Size750 bets1.25x (as slightly below 1000)
    Largest Drawdown50pts2x drawdown = 100pts
    Betting Bank Recommendation – 50 x 2 (average odds) x 1.25 (sample size) = 125pts

    For Outside Rides, I’ve given the table framework for the above theory which you can apply to any Bet Bots Tipster to make some adjustments to your betting bank.

    Recommended Bankrolls for Bet Bot Tipsters

    Here’s how you might calculate recommended bankrolls for various Bet Bot tipsters:

    Pts StakedFactor ChangeAverage OddsFactor ChangeExpected ROIFactor ChangeSample SizeFactor ChangeTotal Change From 50ptsRecommended Bankroll to nearest 25pt
    Dynamite Darts1.51.5x2.01x120.8x>10,0000.75x0.94x50pts
    Outside Rides11x4.02x7.51x7501.25x2.25x125pts
    Filipi Football22x1.80.9x120.8x4501x1.44x75pts
    RedBall Cricket2.52.5x1.90.9x150.8x1501.25x2.25x100pts
    Houdini NBA22x1.90.9x61x6351x1.8x100pts
    Arnars EuroBasket22x21x150.8x50000.75x1.2x75pts
    Goals Galore (BTTS)22x21x61x4001.25x2.25x125pts
    Portugal Bets22x1.90.9x31.5x5001.25x3.3x150pts
    Wrong Odds Racing11x6.03x150.8x5001.25x3x150pts
    Hockey Guru22x2.01x331.5x11341x3x150pts
    Footy Away Lays44x1.250.25x41.5x4501.25x1.85x100pts
    JP Draws1.251.25x3.01.5x31.5x10001x2.8x150pts
    Flop Shot Golf11x15.08x51.5x5001x12x600pts

    Other Considerations For Determining Bankroll Size

    1. Risk Tolerance

    Personal risk tolerance significantly influences bankroll management. Those accustomed to losing streaks and accepting high losses may adopt a more aggressive strategy. Conversely, those prioritizing safety may select more conservative bankroll sizes. The key is to determine the acceptable loss amount and adjust the bankroll accordingly.

    2. Betting Volume And Speed Of Drawdown

    When selecting a tipster, consider their betting volume and the potential for rapid drawdowns. Tipsters with high volumes, like Houdini (100-150 bets monthly), may experience more frequent losing streaks. Houdini has faced -30pt months and multiple drawdowns over 20pts, despite an impressive 6% ROI and 78pt Bet Bots profit. In contrast, Leo Leo (40-50 bets monthly) has had fewer significant drawdowns over the same period of monthly bets due to lower volume.

    While high-volume tipsters offer potential for faster profits, they also expose you to quicker losing runs. Lower-volume tipsters provide more time to adjust during losing periods and allow for a slightly higher bankroll.

    3. Tipster “Form”

    Adjust your betting bank based on a tipster’s performance. If their recent ROI is low, increase your bankroll to be cautious. Conversely, if they perform better during certain seasons (e.g., horse racing in summer), lower your bankroll to benefit from the higher anticipated ROI.

    However, remember to act objectively and avoid drastically increasing stakes when a tipster is performing well, as this can lead to reversal of profits. Subtle adjustments based on understanding a tipster’s past results can optimize your profit.

    Your Bet Bots Portfolio Constraints

    So you’ve decided on your allocated betting bank in points for a tipster. How do you determine a Bet Bots portfolio based on this information?

    First, look at all the savings you have set aside for betting and use that overall figure as the starting point for developing a Bet Bots portfolio. For example, if you have £10,000 set aside for betting next month and you don’t want to spend more than 40% of your profit on paying for points renewals, treat each Bet Bot tipster with a separate betting bank.

    From this, you can start figuring out your options for creating a portfolio.

    TipsterRecommended Bank (Pts)Cost Per Credit (20% Multiple Bot Discount)Min Bank (40% sub fee investment)
    Flopshot Golf600£2.40£3,600
    Dynamite Darts50£4.00£500
    Outside Rides125£4.00£1,250
    Filipi Football75£8.00£1,500
    RedBall Cricket100£4.00£1,000
    Houdini NBA100£4.00£1,000
    Arnars EuroBasket75£2.40£450
    Goals Galore (BTTS)125£4.00£1,250
    Portugal Bets150£6.00£2,250
    Wrong Odds Racing150£4.00£1,500
    Hockey Guru150£4.00£1,500
    Footy Away Lays100£6.00£1,500
    JP Draws150£4.00£1,500
    Min Bank Recommended Calculation = recommended bank * cost of credits * 2.5 (40% sub fees only)

    Determining Your Betting Portfolio Allocation

    This framework can help you determine your allocation towards a betting portfolio, ensuring you manage your betting losses and avoid overexposure. Using a £10,000 example, let’s assume you prefer to spend only 20% on reinvesting profits into tipsters. This means doubling the minimum bank figure in the last table (e.g., Wadster Bank from £1,500 to £3,000), resulting in a cumulative sum of around £10,000 for all your tipsters.

    Here’s a potential portfolio:

    Betting Bank (20% Sub Fees)Cumulative Bankroll SumStake per pt
    Dynamite Darts£1,000£2,300£20
    Outside Rides£2,500£4,800£20
    Leo Leo£3,000£7,800£30
    Red Ball Cricket£2,000£9,800£20
    Order your tipsters by priority

    Approach to Betting

    The above framework provides a safe method to make consistent profits over time by lowering volatility through diversification and prudent staking. This approach reduces the risk of busting one bank, let alone five. While conservative, it still offers higher returns compared to most other investment vehicles.

    Great video on why value betting is a great investment vehicle courtesy of TrademateSports.

    Alternative Strategies

    There are numerous ways to profit effectively. For instance, you might allocate larger banks to a high consistent ROI tipster like Bonz, staking £100 per point and allocating half your bankroll (£5,200) while paying only 5% in subscription fees. However, allocating a higher percentage to one tipster increases susceptibility to variance, making betting less controlled.

    Personal Financial Situation

    The amount allocated to a tipster varies greatly depending on an individual’s financial situation. If you have £50,000 and want to diversify, you could follow most tipsters in the Wadster Bet Bots portfolio and pay less than 10% in subscription fees. Many options are available for portfolio allocation based on personal priorities.

    For instance, if you have a large bankroll (£50,000) and prioritize high ROI pinnacle bets, you might lean towards a tipster like EVisking. Conversely, someone with a £5,000 betting bank would likely have a different strategy.

    In summary, the approach to betting portfolios should be tailored to individual financial situations and priorities, balancing risk and potential returns for optimal management.

    Image by vector4stock on Freepik

    Conclusion – Step-by-Step Framework for Deciding Bet Bots Portfolio Each Month

    1. Determine Points Allocation: Decide how many points to allocate to each tipster’s betting bank.
    2. Assess Available Funds: At the start of the month, determine your total betting funds and use this as your maximum constraint.
    3. Prioritize Tipsters: Order your tipsters by priority based on your personal circumstances and set aside a bankroll for each.
    4. Allocate Separate Bankrolls: Allocate a separate bankroll for each tipster until you reach your total betting amount. Include non-Bet Bot tipsters too.
    5. Adjust and Balance: Make tweaks to balance the portfolio. You may want to add another tipster and adjust other betting banks accordingly.
    6. Monthly Review: Repeat steps 1-5 at the start of each month with updated figures. Reinvest profits to increase stakes or add new tipsters.

    By following this structured and replicable framework, you can avoid chaotic betting and overexposure, enabling more objective betting decisions.

    Your Bet Bots Journey Awaits…

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Telegram @wadster or email If you’re new to Bet Bots and would like to trial your own Bet Bots Betting Portfolio, contact me using the details above to receive a 3-point free trial of up to five Bet Bots services—that’s 15 free credits to get you started!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this 3-part series. You should now be well on your way to starting your Wadster Bet Bots journey towards consistently profitable betting!

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