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A Guide to Choosing the Right Bet Bots Tipsters For You

    Your Betting Priorities

    The landscape of betting has become saturated with tipster options, making it crucial to develop a disciplined approach to selecting the right ones for your goals. To aid in this process, consider asking yourself the following questions before committing to any tipster:

    1. Sample Size and Validity: How extensive is the sample of bets? Given the odds range, how statistically reliable is the data?
    2. Timing of Selections: When does the tipster send their selections? Are they at consistent times or spontaneous? Will you be available to act on these bets?
    3. Source of Profit: Where does the tipster make their profit? Is it from early pre-match markets, highly liquid markets, or somewhere else? Consider the implications for your betting strategy and account longevity.
    4. Maximum Drawdown: What has been the maximum drawdown for the service, and what can you anticipate moving forward? Are you comfortable handling the worst-case scenario?
    5. Affordability: Can you afford to follow the tipster responsibly given your current bankroll?
    6. Consistency vs. Volatility: Based on historical data, what percentage of profitable months can be expected? Do you prefer consistent returns or are you okay with volatility if there’s long-term potential?
    7. Trade-offs: Will following this tipster require you to adjust your staking elsewhere? What are the trade-offs?

    Diving Deeper into Key Considerations

    1. Betting Sample

    One challenge with the Bet Bots portfolio is dealing with small sample sizes for new tipsters. Established tipsters with long-term records often have existing setups, making them harder to attract. In contrast, Bet Bots often brings in new tipsters who haven’t run public paid services before, resulting in smaller initial sample sizes.

    Smaller sample sizes, like those from a 6-month period, introduce more variance compared to a 6-year period. Therefore, it’s crucial to start with lower stakes for these tipsters, increasing your stake as their sample size and your confidence grow. Ideally, aim for a sample size close to 1000 bets to be more assured of their projections.

    A common challenge in betting is the fear of missing out (FOMO). You might be tempted to follow a tipster with six months of consistent profit, but this can be misleading. Tipsters can struggle with public tipping pressure, market changes, or personal issues.

    Always consider the worst-case scenario when starting with a new tipster. The more consistent months or years they have on the platform, the more trust you can place in them. Experiencing losing runs early on isn’t necessarily bad, as it provides insights into the tipster’s resilience and communication.

    Bet Bots Top 5 for Sample Size – Dynamite Darts, Bonz Bets, Wadster, Houdini and Arnars Eurobasket.

    2. Tipster Sending Times

    The timing of when selections are sent is mostly a matter of personal preference but can impact your ability to act on tips. The Bet Bots setup allows you to set active times and follow live bets you’re available for, minimizing the impact of missing out on selections.

    Managing Tipster Sending Times Effectively

    3. Source of Profit

    Not all profit is equal in terms of effort and sustainability. Here’s my personal hierarchy of betting options:

    1. Pinnacle & Betfair Exchange
    2. Live Bet365
    3. Pre-Event Softbooks (higher liquidity)
    4. Early Pre-Event Softbooks

    Different sports and markets affect the sustainability of profits. For example, UK Horse Racing and Greyhound Tipsters may offer high ROI but can quickly flag and close accounts due to early betting patterns. Similarly, services that show good ROI in obscure football markets often face fast odds cuts, making them unsustainable long-term.

    While other platforms might advertise better results, their viability is often questionable, requiring trial and error with monthly fees. Bet Bots excels by providing services that match figures while preserving accounts sustainably. Less popular sports like cricket, darts, and tennis are less likely to cause account issues, and bets on Betfair Exchange and Pinnacle have no future profit caps.

    In-play options, like those with Bonz, offer better longevity with higher limits and less monitoring from Bet365. Early pre-match bets often signal sharp price drops, which can flag accounts, but this issue doesn’t exist with live bets.

    Bet Bots is geared towards long-term profitability. We plan to make it easier to track where profits are made within each bot group, helping members understand the best options for sustainable betting.

    Profit at the Betfair Exchange is the most sustainable for betting long-term

    5. Personal Financial Situation

    Your financial situation heavily influences your betting strategy. If betting is a small part of a larger financial plan, you can afford to take more risks and weather losing months more easily. However, if betting is your main investment or you allocate a significant portion of your disposable income to it, consistent profitable months become crucial.

    In this case, prioritize tipsters with the highest ROI and lower average odds, such as EVisking, Filipi, Bonz, Dynamite Darts, and Red Ball Cricket. These tipsters are more likely to provide regular returns and help grow your bankroll steadily.

    TipsterROIProfitable Months (%)
    Going for consistency vs volatility

    6. Trade-Offs

    It’s crucial to fit betting into your life rather than letting it dominate. In the past, I followed over 20 tipsters simultaneously, aiming to maximize profits. However, this high volume rarely led to better results. Instead, it meant missing key aspects of tipster analysis and dealing with fast-moving prices, high subscription fees, and inevitable losses.

    Managing many tipsters requires significant time and mental energy, making it challenging to track them effectively. Bet Bots addresses this by streamlining the number of tipsters on the platform, focusing on services that require lower maintenance and are easy to monitor. However, it’s crucial to ensure your betting remains controlled and not emotionally stressful. Keep this in mind when adding new tipsters to your portfolio.


    In the dynamic and crowded landscape of betting, selecting the right tipsters requires a disciplined approach. By considering factors such as sample size, timing, source of profit, maximum drawdown, affordability, consistency, and trade-offs, you can align your betting strategy with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

    The Bet Bots platform offers a structured environment to help you make informed decisions. It prioritizes sustainability, providing a variety of services that maintain account longevity and make betting more efficient and manageable. Whether you are a risk-taker with a diversified financial portfolio or someone relying on betting for significant returns, it is crucial to adapt your strategy accordingly.

    Remember, betting should be a controlled, stress-free activity. Regularly review your betting portfolio, trust your intuition, and adapt based on your experiences. By staying mindful of your goals and priorities, you can navigate the betting world more effectively, making decisions that support long-term profitability and enjoyment.

    In the next article, we now consider how to align our betting priorities with what we can afford to bet on when creating a betting portfolio. Our next e-mail is going to provide an in-depth overview of managing a betting portfolio in a way that’s sustainable to excellent long-term profit! Catch up then!

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