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Why Choose Wadster Bet Bots?

    Welcome to the Wadster Bet Bots community! We’re excited to show you the value of joining the fairest tipster subscription model available. Our platform consistently receives positive feedback, and we believe that once you experience our service, you’ll never want to go back to other tipster platforms.

    Key Benefits and Features

    1. Pay Only For Profit

    Alignment of Incentives:

    • Tipster Incentives: With our Pay For Profit setup, the incentives for both tipsters and members are perfectly aligned. Tipsters are motivated to maximize your profit since their income is directly tied to their performance. This ensures that every bet they make counts.
    • Subscription Costs: When paying for the profit you make, you are only paying by reinvesting the money you’ve made following the tipster already. Whereas with a monthly subscription model, you can end up paying large fees for a period you’ve lost money betting on.
    • Tipsters Who Back Themselves: Our model attracts tipsters who are confident in their long-term profitability, filtering out those who rely on short-term gains and aggressive marketing.


    Unlike a monthly subscription model, where tipsters may feel pressured to provide a set number of tips each month, our Pay For Profit model allows for more fluidity. Tipsters can make thoughtful bets without the pressure to meet a quota, ensuring no charges during quieter periods when no bets are made.

    2. Customer Service – Experienced Tipster In Charge

    • Member-Centric Approach: Designed with a tipster’s insight, our platform focuses on what truly benefits members rather than prioritizing marketing.
    • Personalized Experience: Receive tailored advice and quick issue resolution from an experienced tipster, enhancing your overall user experience.
    Podcast with Wadster talking about betting topics

    3. Achievable Recorded Results

    Transparent and Realistic Odds:

    • Betting Groups: Odds are recorded based on your own betting circumstances. You join bot groups (e.g., Betfair), and odds are recorded at a fair price.
    • Market Timing: Most bets are sent when the market is mature, ensuring achievable odds for members.
    • Voiding Bets: If you miss bets due to falling odds, we can void those bets to prevent them from affecting your bot account. Just message @wadster on Telegram

    4. Pinnacle & Betfair Exchange

    • Better Odds and Liquidity: By focusing on providing Pinnacle and Betfair Exchange tipsters, Wadster Bet Bots ensures members receive the best odds, higher betting limits, and less risk of account limitations.

    5. Consistent Product / Service Improvements

    Ongoing Enhancements:

    • New Bot Features: : Recently added functionalities include groups, active times, live bets, and bet cancellations, among others.
    • Prioritise User Feedback: Regular implementations based on member feedback, such as the ability to monitor results from separate bot groups, demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.
    Live Bets Functionality
    Active Times

    6. Community Feel & Free Competitions

    • Engaged Community: Our vibrant group chat fosters an environment of support and shared learning, enhancing the betting experience through collective knowledge.
    • Free Competitions: Monthly competitions offer opportunities to win free tips and participate in engaging activities like fantasy football, adding a fun and interactive element to the community.


    Wadster Bet Bots offers a uniquely fair, transparent, and community-focused betting experience evident from the reviews we get online. The Pay Only For Profit model aligns incentives, ensuring both tipsters and members are motivated by the same goal: long-term profitablity. With an experienced tipster at the helm, realistic and achievable results, and a great community, you’ll gain immense value from following the tipsters on our platform.

    In a few days, you’ll receive an email discussing what to prioritize with your Bet Bots tipsters, followed by an in-depth guide to developing your own betting portfolio with Wadster Bet Bots!

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